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1. Multipartner's VIRTUAL DATA ROOMS

Multipartner's Virtual Data Rooms help companies to securely share sensitive documentation without weight limit, time or geographical restrictions. Our fully customizable solutions can be used on a regular or one-off basis.
Category:   Information Technology
Information Technology > Services

Date Added: Oct 26, 2014 Hits: 3

2. Managed Azure CSP

Optimize your IT strategy with our help. As a Tier 1 Direct CSP Partner, we guide you through each step to ensure a transparent and scalable Azure experience. Gain clarity and confidence in the cloud with our expert services. Download our fact sheet to learn more.
Category:   Information Technology
Business Services

Date Added: Apr 19, 2023 Hits: 0

3. Hanu an Insight Company

Hanu is a global leading Microsoft technology solutions and services provider, It is headquartered in the U.S. with offices and delivery centers that span the globe. Our company supports enterprises with unequaled intelligence and expertise providing Managed Transformation, Application Modernization, and Enterprise IT Innovation
Category:   Cooperatives > Computer and Internet
Business Services > Outsourcing
Information Technology

Date Added: Apr 3, 2023 Hits: 0

4. Cloud Security Solution

Dynamic Cloud Security offers comprehensive cross-cloud protection, visibility, and control for secure applications and connectivity. Our process includes four key phases: Platform Security, Application Security, Network Security, and Extending Advance Security for Microsoft Azure. By choosing Hanu, you can partner with a global leader in Microsoft Azure deployments and achieve business results faster, while reducing IT overhead costs.
Category:   Information Technology
Business Services > Outsourcing

Date Added: Apr 14, 2023 Hits: 0

5. Managed DevOps

Accelerate your DevOps initiatives with Hanu's expertise. We specialize in managing your DevOps tools and underlying infrastructure. Let us help you streamline your software delivery and drive transformational change.
Category:   Information Technology
Business Services

Date Added: Apr 18, 2023 Hits: 0

6. Azure Cloud for Healthcare

Hanu's Azure Cloud for Healthcare streamlines and improves the entire healthcare experience through innovative AI solutions and data-driven insights. Our platform enables patient engagement, healthcare team collaboration, clinician productivity, and health data security. Leveraging FHIR interoperability standards, we provide real-time predictive analytics to prevent missed appointments, saving the healthcare system billions. Let us help you unlock the full potential of digital healthcare.
Category:   Healthcare
Information Technology

Date Added: Apr 13, 2023 Hits: 1

7. Data and AI innovation

The technology disruption is unprecedented. DevOps models are expanding beyond application development. IoT business applications are ready for adoption, and edge solutions can reduce latency. AI and machine learning are reshaping enterprises. Container deployment is becoming the primary unit of deployment in the cloud. Embrace these changes for success.
Category:   Information Technology
Customer Service > Software

Date Added: Apr 13, 2023 Hits: 0

8. Azure Managed Services

AZUREWOW is the ultimate solution for your Microsoft Azure experience. We offer modern managed services to help you identify opportunities and risks in your digital transformation journey. With our cutting-edge technologies and constant awareness of evolving cloud stack and patterns, we reinvent existing architectures and optimize your environment. Our Ultimate Offering provides unlimited support, comprehensive security, and continuous optimization. With AZUREWOW, you can scale your workload, increase security, reduce spend, and focus on innovation. Let us facilitate your cloud transformation and create unique experiences for your business.
Category:   Information Technology
Information Technology > Services

Date Added: Aug 19, 2023 Hits: 0

9. WorkflowGen

Full featured, web based, enterprise workflow software for a fast and easy deployment. Includes ready to use customizable workflow templates.
Category:   Information Technology

Date Added: Jan 27, 2007 Hits: 5

10. Ace Shareware4You

Hundreds of award winning software products to download and try. Windows software suitable for Home PC, Business, and I.T. Professional users alike.
Category:   Information Technology
Accounting > Firms > Accountants > United States
Aerospace and Defense > Aeronautical > Aircraft Rental and Instruction > Fixed Wing > North America > United States > California

Date Added: Jun 9, 2007 Hits: 15

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