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11. IT Services provider Company

: Iqra Technology is an IT Solutions and Services Company. We are a salesforce and Microsoft partner company. We aim to provide cost-effective IT services within the customer’s budget range. We scrutinize, design, and develop solutions custom-made for the business necessities. We deliver services in various domains including CRM, ERP, e-commerce, CMS, business intelligence, web development, customized applications, portals, mobile apps, & RPA technologies. We provide IT services starting from $2100 per month and 2 weeks free trial.
Iqra technology Specializes in Technology Consulting and Outsourcing skilled resources for enterprises globally. We provide productive & cost-effective resources on an hourly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis through our team of dedicated IT professionals ranging in a variety of domains. We provide resources with mix and match skills to meet your project requirements
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Accounting > Business-to-Business
Accounting > Business-to-Business > Research

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12. Product Image Editing Services

We at IT-S believe in the concept of influencing the mind with the power of images. As the customer cannot touch or feel the product. The image plays a very major role in sales. IT-S can help you in product image editing services. Our highly skilled and talented image editors have a great understanding of commercial images.
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Accounting > Business-to-Business > Research

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13. Technical Translations Agency

We are a translation company with over 10 years in the industry, winners of the awards “Best Technical Translations Company 2018” and “Most Innovative in Technical Translation Services 2019.”
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14. Antimicrobial Testing Laboratory

Microbe Investigations Switzerland (MIS) specializes in microbiology testing on treated textiles, plastics, coatings, and surface disinfectants.
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